Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A visit from a dear friend

One of the many miracles of our mission was the news that my dear friend of over 40 years was coming to Bogota on business. She was able to bring a suitcase of supplies to me and she is staying within walking distance of our apartment. This is a BIG city and we were stunned when we reallized how close she was to us. We had a wonderful time together on Sunday. The picture was taken at our Stake Center; a beautiful building with spanish architecture featuring an open air passage way in the center and with classrooms on one side and the chapel on the other. We have been able to meet her for dinner and Saturday her husband Fred and Royal and I are going to go sight seeing through the city of Bogota.


  1. Yeah for Elizabeth! What a true miracle to have her come and be so close. Definately one of the Lord's tender mercies. Love you.

  2. So glad that she was able to come and treat you to all the stuff that Julie put together for you! Love you!