Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas in Bogota

Last night, December 14th we walked down one of the main streets of Bogota, to see a light display at a local park. The above picture was taken as we approached the park

This is 15th Street. It is 4 blocks from our apartment and really puts you in the Christmas spirit.

Royal and Carolyn standing in front of the tree at the entrance of the park.

In the park, there were two very unusual nativity scenes. This scene is sculpted out of sand. They have been working on it for about three weeks. Above is Mary, Joseph and the babe.

You can see the sculpting is not yet complete. Here they were sculpting the shepherds with some sheep.

This is another nativity in the park made out of reeds. We were told the reeds that were used to make the basket Moses was placed in are the same kinds of reeds they used to make this nativity.

This nativity is on display as you enter the food court of the mall across the street from our office. I love the Baby Jesus on his tummy.

I had Royal stand next to the nativity so you could see that these figures are almost life size. It is an exquisite nativity and takes my breath away every time we walk past it

Here you see the three wise men (life size) posed just before a nativity scene of Mary and Joseph. They will add the baby on Dec. 24th

Sister Hacking, Sister Stull and I went to a fabulous craft show last week. There were hundreds of craftsman from many remote areas of Colombia and Ecuador. These people make the neck pieces similar to the one that lady has on. They are all beaded by hand.

Sister Hacking admiring the intricate detail this woman is putting into the hat she is making. Many different patterns as you can see from the display on the wall. We bought some beautiful bracelets this woman made

Another craftman showing the bags he makes that are so popular here in Colombia.