Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some tourist sights in Bogota

Today was our preparation day. We had hired a driver to pick us up along with the Crooks and take us into the heart of the city of Bogota. The traffic was a nightmare. Apparently Saturdays are worse than weekdays in terms of gridlock and we hit it all. It took us about an hour to get into the downtown area. The driver let us off at the Gold museum. It is amazing and so well done. We spent at least an hour there. Then he drove us a few blocks which took forever and let us off and we walked towards the plaza. On our way we stopped at several museums including an exhibition of the art work of Botero. (He likes to paint fat people). We also peeked into several other museums on our walk down to the plaza. The plaza is amazing. Hundreds of people and merchants. We went into a very old and gigantic cathedral located right on the plaza. We also drove past the President of Bogotas house. We went to the office and picked up the neo natal maniquens we have to take with us tomorrow to Venezuela and went to lunch at our favorite restaurant, Sopa y


  1. How fun!! I am so glad you have had this time with the Crooks, what great memories!! Love, Kristy

  2. I love Botero and his theme of the weight of the body! Next time you go to the museum, get me some postcards or a poster! Sounds like you are continuing to have an amazing experience! Love you!