Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We spent last Friday in the lovely town of Baranquilla. We stayed at a beautiful hotel with a revolving restaurant on top. We ate dinner in the restaurant Friday night at 10:00. We were very busy!! Earlier in the day, we visited a brand new school that was funded by a foundation called Piesdescalzos. The foundation was started by a famous Colombian singer who grew up in Baranquilla. The children attending the school are by in large from lower income families. They are so happy and thriving and learning. It was such a joy to visit there. Due to the fact that we were so obviously Americans (especially me with my white hair and only speaking english) and that President Clinton had visited the school last month, we were quite intriguing to the children. They laughed at my spanish and were delighted to tell me their names, age and grade. They even asked us for our autographs.


  1. Love the shout out to Clinton! What great experiences you are having!!!

  2. You're certainly in your element with the school children!