Friday, April 10, 2009

Temple Session

Yesterday was the first day of a two day holiday here in Colombia. We spent some of the day working on my presentation (what I am saying in Spanish) and then we got dressed and went to the 4:30 session at the temple. We were suppose to meet the Stulls there but they had an emergency so we went without them. The temple here is much smaller than the D.C. temple but the spirit and the ceremonies are the same. It was a bit intimidating for me, NO ONE spoke english except one dear sister who was a big help to me. It was so nice sitting in the session with all those sweet hispanic saints. It was a huge group with several people going through for their own endowments. We were worried about getting a taxi after dark for the ride home but coincidentally there was a very nice taxi driver waiting at the gate who turned out to be a bishop in one of the wards. We got home safe and sound and felt like it was well worth the effort. We look forward to going again soon.


  1. What a gorgous temple. So envious of your session. What a fun way to spend the easter holiday. Felices Pascuas!

  2. Love hearing about your adventures! You're getting braver by the day! Love you!

  3. Who that looks like a lot of cool and fun!!!!! You guys rock!!!!