Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tumaco Reunion Party

On July 4 (the fourth of July) we held a reunion/party for the Tumaco volunteer translators. We had a nice dinner, presented individual certificates from LDS Charities, saw a power point slide show of the USNS Comfort hospital ship and the work on land, and laughed and talked. The photo above shows three of the very best translators. On the left is Daniel Trujillo. Seated is Daniel's novia (they plan to marry in December) Anna Maria Rodriguez, and standing on the right is Ma. Paula Alvarez, creator of the power point presentation and our point of contact on the ship.

This photo shows the food, very delicious and typical fourth of July picnic food Colombia style. Standing at the left is Patricia Cubillo who works in the church offices and who, with her mother, catered the dinner. On the right is Angie Sanches, one of the senior missionaries.

Carolyn and Royal with Carlos Fernandez, our good friend and mentor.

Pretty obviously, the people eating.

Four of the handsome (and pretty) translators showing off their certificates.


  1. What a fun party!!! I am so glad you have had this great experience. You are a master planner mom. Love you guys. Julie

  2. What a great party!! The food looks divine!! I was just telling someone last night how my Mom just blooms where she is planted as does my Dad!! You guys are amazing!! Love you. Kristy