Monday, July 20, 2009

Office events and people

Farewell lunch for Elder and Sister Sanches (he is Brazilian which accounts for the funny spelling) at the Sopa y Postres restaurant -- famous for authentic Colombian food. Sanches have been Perpetual Education Fund missionaries. Sanches are on the left. The couple on the right are Colombians who will take over the PEF work. they recently completed a mission at the bishop's storehouse.

Another view of the farewell lunch.

Two more PEF (which they call "PEF" in Spanish although the Spanish name is Fondo Perpetuo de Educacion) workers. The brother on the left talks to Carolyn in Spanish and waits for her to answer even though the Spanish speakers in the office say that it's very difficult for anyone to understand his Spanish. The girl on the right has just received her mission call. In her ward they have the custom of the bishop reading the mission call letter even before the missionary has read it so that the entire ward learns where she is going at the same time.

Andres Villegas, a very talented young man who is a manager of the PEF work. He speaks perfect English and has been very helpful to us in dealing with technology and computer-related questions. He has been a bishop and a counselor in a mission presidency.

Jose Luis Cardenas and his wife. They are a special couple with three young daughters. Jose Luis has worked in the welfare and humanitarian programs and also has been very helpful to us, teaching us about the complexities of computer programs, making travel arrangements, and working with us on humanitarian programs.


  1. Such great pictures. Loved them. Everyone looks so nice and friendly. I am so pleased you guys are having such an amazing experience. Love you

  2. Loved the pictures. It is nice to put faces with some of the names you have talked about!! We love you guys!! Kristy

  3. Aww Thats Looks Like soooo Much Fun!!!!! I Wish I was There With you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! We Miss You Guys:'(