Saturday, June 20, 2009

USNS Comfort hospital ship project in Tumaco

Crowd waiting outside to enter the school for medical treatment.
An example of Tumaco housing in the poor neighborhoods.

Waiting to see one of the pediatrics doctors

The first phase of the optometry treatment. Royal is translating.

Royal speaking at the new school unvailing ceremony presenting the school with church-donated desks and school kits. Carlos Vives is standing at left.

The crowd at the new school ceremony. Between 1,000 and 2,000 in the audience.

The ten Cali missionary translators with their mission president and his wife

Royal talking with Mayor Correa of Tumaco at the ceremon

The famous MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) lunches -- designed for warriors.

Royal examining the church-donated desks and school kits in one of the new class rooms.

Lorena Ostos, a sweet LDS girl, translating for a pediatrics examination.

Royal translating for a CPR demonstration. The Project Hope volunteer has lived in Sugar House in SLC for 25 years, never joined the church, and is a nurse at St. Marks Hospital.

Colombian military guards with their assault rifles at the ready.

Carolyn with Linia, a joyful little 10-year old girl with only one leg. She prefers only one crutch because she can run faster.
Carolyn and Royal with Carlos Vives, the famous Colombian singer who said, upon meeting us in broken English, that he is the Colombian Donny Osmond.


  1. WOW - amazing. I cant wait to see more. What an undertaking. I especially liked your hair mom in the picture with the girl with one leg. :) You guys really are amazing and I cant get over what a great experience you had. It is humbling. Love you guys. Julie

  2. It really is astonishing what you are involved in and what you are accomplishing and the good your are doing and lives you are touching. The picture really bring the experience to lift! Love you!


  3. You did it!! I am very impressed that you figured out how to post the pictures and write underneath them, truly I knew you could, if I can do it, you know it is EASY!! The pictures are amazing!! I can't wait to taste one of those yummy MRE meals!! I loved the new school!! Your experiences and just unbelievable and I am so proud of you both!! Love, Kristy

  4. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I just loved these pictures. They made me teary and happy and a little jealous :) I am glad that you survived such an experience and am thankful for missionaries!

    I was looking through the pictures and the one of the 10 missionaries from cali with their mission president... one of the elers in the back is my best friend's brother!!!!! he's the 2nd from the left, and standing almost directly behind the mission president's wife (the gringo).

    love you both!