Friday, January 30, 2009

more single adults

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  1. My dear Elder and Sister Shipp( I will say Something else but I am not sure if I am allowed).
    I want to say that I missed you so much and we love you and think about you. We are missing you badly but to see your pictures all the work that you are having I think you are having fun!! jaja.. Happy Mothers Day (my American mom) and Happy Fathers Day ( My American Dad). Before I forget. Josue asks me to salute you every time at church and he wants me to tell you that he misses you alot.Karolyne is going to Alexandria ward living with some members around the area because her sister got married and her mother just come to visit her. Guely is getting married this coming weekend. Frida is going to have a ceremony at Scotts Run. Paola Escobar got married!!! yeah!!! surprisingly with Oscar on June 27 my sister and I were part of the bridesmaids.Sorry I am not pregnant yet so no grandpa or grandma from my part jajaja..My mom is doing ok.She is hopefully soon going to pass her driving test this July 25 please pray for her ;0)
    Mike moved to Cristal City near Pentagon. Germans Wife is pregnant.I may pass as a Goship girl now.. too bad..Oh and Mildred is expecting a baby too for September the third ah!! The Sandovals are growing jajaja.. Oh Jacky Espinoza got married too and she is pregnant too. Almost forgot Pablo Hernandez got married too in Utha.His Brother may get married soon too..jajaj..Well Well...
    my mom is close to me right now and wants to say that she is missing you both a lot. Please take care and that God Bless you with lots of health.
    To end I want to say
    that we are allways talking about you, remembering you with so much love.
    Your gossip little child.