Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama r Inaguration

When we got our mission call, I noted that one thing I would regret was missing Brack Obama's inauguration (this was back in the summer and people laughted at me). But here we are. The picture at the left is during the Sunday concert at the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool. I think the Obama presidency is important for many reasons. As they sang "Your land is my land" I couldn't help thinking that back in the 1960s this was essentially a song of protest and when they sang it today, it was to celebrate America.


  1. Dad, I am very happy you are here to see Obama get sworn in and enjoy every moment!!! It is a great day!! Love you. Kristy

  2. Dad - you did this one all on your own!!!! Very impressive!! Keep practicing Julie

  3. I am so glad you got to be here for the big day. I remember you saying "President Obama" and, although I wanted it, I wasn't as confident as you were. Hooray for our new president!