Monday, February 9, 2009


Here we are in the MTC, pointing on the famous map at our mission destination! It's been a very intense and tiring week -- they don't cut much slack for Senior missionaries. We received a bunch of training on Preach My Gospel and were impressed. The more we learn about our mission the more enthusiastic we become and the more anxious we are to actually get to Bogota. Unfortunately, we still don't have visas and are hoping they come soon. The food in the MTC is plentiful and not very good. Fortunately, people come and take us out to dinner. We went up to SLC today for a tour of welfare square and the humanitarian services building. Very impressive. The rest of the week we get trained on welfare and humanitarian services. Carolyn is hoping I'm better able to stay awake. She had her eagle eye on me during the PMG sessions, ready to poke me when necessary.


  1. Looking good! I am thinking that welfare policy will also play a larger role in the Congress over the next couple years as it looks like this economic downturn is going to keep, well, down turning! Maybe you can pass a long some pointers about what works in Bogota!

    Love you!

  2. I love the map picture! I was totally amazed by Welfare Square when I saw it. When I was there they had a bunch of mammogram machines that were ready to be shipped all over the world. It is really something to see. WE are so proud of you!!!

  3. You guys are too cute!! You look darling with your name tags on and that map is amazing!! I can't wait to show the girls when they get home from school. Love you. Kristy

  4. This picture is great! I am jealous of the young missionaries who get to hang out with you. I am excited for you and I'll pray you get your visas. The training you get in Salt Lake is what I used to give. I wish I were the one working with you. I miss you!

  5. jajaja.. what great adventures toguether you are getting into Sister and Elder Shipp. It is so awsome and must be so wonderfull to be toguether, with the love and companion of your eternity. Getting trained and all the process to serve more depply our Savior, I am so glad and happy for you.Keep poking papa Shipp. Great mom!
    Loves you
    YOur adopted Bolivian daughter.