Sunday, September 27, 2009

Senior missionary trip to the Gold Museum, etc.

Last Wednesday, we had the privilege of meeting a new missionary couple serving in Lima as the Area Medical Director. They came to get acquainted with Dr. Malouf, the Assistant Area Medical Director and the mental health specialist Hermana Stull. Their names are Elder and Hermana Slingerland. He was a pediatrician in Provo. Six of us went over to the mall for lunch on Wednesday.

On Friday, the medical group kindly invited Royal and me to go sight seeing with them. Due to the pressures of our two upcoming NeoNatal projects Royal could not go but I was not about to miss out on a fun outing so I joined them. We went out to the MTC (CCM) and had a tour and met with the MTC Director for about an hour and then we went off to the Gold Museum. The picture above is Sister Slingerland standing next to the ever present guy on stilts in front of the Gold Museum

The Gold Museum is a treasure here in Bogota. Justifiably so. There are some exquisite pieces of gold to look at dating back to the 1700's. The above picture; a display that is located in the floor.

The museum is beautifully done and it is truly amazing to see all the various pieces of gold.
Notice the shadow behind these gold pieces. You cannot detect this shadow which looks like the frame of a person to me when you are in the museum. I only noticed this after I took the picture.

After a delightful lunch in an elegant Italian restaurant we walked across the street from the Gold Museum to browse the shops. This shop is where I found a little souvenier for my children and grandchildren.

This is my new favorite shop. It is upscale and has exquisite hand made items mostly made by some of the indiginous people in the remote areas of Colombia. Most of the beautiful items are made from leaves, bark, etc. from the trees that surround their villages.

Here I am taking a break and admiring all the beautiful crafts surrounding me.

There is quite an amazing story that accompanies these gorgeous baskets. A must have for me for Christmas!

Another piece I fell in love with is this beautiful handmade Mary and the baby Jesus.

At the end of our day, we had a group photo taken by our driver. We really enjoyed meeting the Slingerlands. In the photo from left to right. Hermana Stull, me, Hermana Malouf, Elder Malouf. On the top is Elder and Sister Slingerland and Elder Stull. We missed Royal!!!


  1. How fun! I wish I could go to that shop with you. Will you take pictures of cool things so I can order something before you come home?

  2. I can't wait to get my treats from Columbia!!! That little shop looks amazing! Loved the pictures from the gold museum. It always makes me happy when you update your blog!

    Love you!

  3. What great pictures!! I loved the pictures of the gold museum, reminded me of Cripple Creek and the Gold Store :) I loved the Mary and Baby Jesus, what a treasure!! It looked like such a fun day, so sorry Dad missed it!! Love you. Kristy

  4. What a fun day. I was so happy you got to go on the social outing. It looks wonderful and those crafts are just gorgous. I also love the mary and jesus. And the baskets. Love you!!!

  5. See, missionaries do have fun! haaa haaa. I'm so glad you are getting out and doing these sorts of things, too. I would have died had we not been able to get some play time in on the mission. It was fun to see these pictures... I was on the phone with the SIERRAS!! when I saw the post come up. They are getting ready for Micaela's quincenera (sp) and want us to come in Nov. We'll have to see. It was good to hear from them. Hno Sierra says, "Hermana,you'll never believe it! I'm the bishop!" It was so funny. How I love them...

  6. Your day looked fun. Shopping is always fun. I'm glad you got a break. You're probably making such good friends with the other missionaries. Put me and Amy on your emerald list.

  7. I heard this was a great museum, but wasn't all that excited about it. Wow, was I wrong. This museum was modern and first class. The incredible amount of history and breadth of artifacts on display was just amazing. We also liked how it was educational, but didn't bombard you with information either. Highly recommended.
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