Sunday, September 13, 2009

Monday Market

Last Monday Elder and Hermana Stull took me with them to the Monday Market. We took a taxi and then took a "bicycle taxi" to get over to the market. Hermana Stull is standing next to the bicycle taxi.
You can see me peeking around the corner. Very smooth ride and very cheap.

Our first stop was at the fruit stand. A beautiful array of fresh fruit, mostly grown here in Colombia.
The young man in the red hat knows how to pick out good fresh fruit. Here he is filling the Stull's order.
We wandered down the streets stopping in at a fish market, a bread market and then the meat market. Everything in the market waas clean and the meat looked very fresh. Today I am cooking the pork roast I bought.

At another meat market we passed, I couldn't help stopping and taking a picture of these cow hoofs. I am sure they have a purpose but anything that has a cow hoof in it shall never cross my lips.

My fruit purchases included baby bananas (very sweet), a miniature watermelon (not so sweet according to Royal), a mango and some concord grapes. It was a great experience and I hope to go back again soon.


  1. How fun!! You look so cute Mom in the back of the bike thing :) What a fun, exciting experience!! The fruit looks divine!! Love you!! Kristy

  2. The fruit looks good! I think you should eat some cow hooves to get the full Colombian experience.

  3. Love it! That is one of the things I miss most about Spain. I could live my life shopping at the fresh markets everyday for fruits, veggies, and bread. yum. So jealous. Waht a fun experience. Love you - Julie

  4. I love South American street markets. I love the merchants, too, because they are also so helpful to us gringos.