Sunday, November 1, 2009

NRT project in Venezuela

The first step after arriving in Venezuela is to go to the stake center where all the training dolls and other medical equipment necessary for neonatal resuscitation has been gathered and stored. Then the ardous task of putting together all of this equipment into three different kinds of "kits" to be used in the training and later donated to the participating hospitals and clinics. The most "advanced" kit has 30 separate instruments! The main feature of the advanced kits is the sophisticated manniquin, each of which costs $700 american. In this photo we are putting the kits together.
This photo was taken the first day. The doctor is teaching the participants how to resuscitate the baby.

Carolyn holding the resuscitation manniquin. You can peel back the skin and actually see the inside of the baby.

Baby and equipment ready for the participants to learn and practice on.

Royal and I are standing in front of the Basic Kit dolls. These dolls are called Baby Anne and are CPR dolls. The smaller hospitals that are not equipped for resuscitation get these dolls. Every delivery room gets the kits next to the dolls which have 5 pieces of equipment in them.

Royal speaking to the participants at the closing ceremony explaining the churches roll in sponsoring these humanitarian projects noting that the funds for these type of projects come from donations to church humanitarian services.

A participant receiving her certificate of completion of the course

Carolyn wearing the necklace given to her at the closing ceremony.

Royal with his certificate given to him by Jana who we worked closely with in planning the project.

Participants of the NRT in Valencia at the end of the ceremony.

Royal in Caracas with Elder Hooker; the Area Welfare Manager for the South America Northwest area and the person we report to.

We were able to have a brief visit and lunch with a dear friend from the Bella Vista Ward who is currently living in Caracas, Yanire Infante Matos and her little girl Tabatha, family of Danny Matos.

Rosa, one of the Venezuelan doctors that helped teach the course, teaching Royal how to resuscitate. He did a good job!!!

The evening of the last day of the course, Rosa Quinteros, one of the local doctors who did the training, our driver, and Juan Carlos Chasine took us on a tram ride to the top of a very large mountain to see the spectacular view of the city. Afterwards, Rosa took us to a very good restaurant and ordered us a typical Venezuelan meal. It was delicious and a lovely ending to our week in Venezuela.

Juan Carlos Chacin with his family at the tram. He is the head of the Church's Employment Resource Center for Venezuela and also a stake president. We worked very closely with him and he became one of our cherished friends.


  1. Wow!! What an amazing trip!! I loved the pictures of the dolls, those are truly unbelievable!! Who would have thought that you would be doing this?? Think of the lives you are touching, truly amazing!! We are so proud of you!! Love, Kristy

  2. What a great trip! I am glad you are helping so many people there, and saving babies' lives. You are great missionaries!

  3. LOVED the pictures. You guys are amazing. What a profound experience. I loved the picture of all of the participants. EAch one saving so many lives because of you and the fabulous welfare program of the church. Thanks for posting these. It made my night! Love you

  4. Great pictures! Thanks so much for posting! You both look fabulous. I am so proud of you!

  5. It was so beautiful to see you in my own country and city, Caracas...and it's a blessing for me to keep seeing you in Bella Vista at this time... Thank you for serve a mission in Caracas and share the gospel, your love, time and knowlege... I love you so much.