Monday, August 17, 2009

Colombian Food

Once every couple of weeks, we go to lunch at the Sopa y Postres restaurant that serves authentic colombian food and is near our office. A lunch for two is about $20 US, sort of in the mid range of lunch prices. The foto above is of he menu.

The foto above shows small empanadas of cheese, deep fried and delicious with the special sauce.

These are the main dishes with the Ajiaco soup on the left, with the piece of corn on the cob and in front the ever present rice and avacado. Above the Ajiaco are shown a little dish of caper-like condiments and cream to add to the soup. The dish on the right is a special rice dish, with pork, with strips of deep fried plantain and with a fried egg on top

A view of the outside part of the restaurant It's very pleasant when the weather is nice. We also enjoy eating outside because the chairs have backs; inside one sits on backless benches.

Enjoying the ambience after a nice meal. Sitting at a nearby table was a birthday party consisting of six pretty young women, one of whose birthday it was, and a single young man. They sang Happy Birthday, first the English version, followed by the same tune with Spanish words.

Avacados are eaten with nearly everything. We eat avacados with all of our green salads. The sauce is our favorite and compares in flavor with the tortilla factory.

Carolyn's first attempt to make cookies at this high altitude. They turned out pretty well, if a little flat.


  1. love the pictures!!! The food makes me sooo hungry. It makes me want to visit - just for the fried Plantains!! Yum. ;) (this says Michael - but it's actually me - Julie)

  2. The food looks SO yummy although those cookies are rather grim, not your usual light and fluffy cookies from home!!! I bet they tasted yummy though and that is all that counts!! The restaurant looks so fun, what great pictures tonight!! Love you. Kristy and Abby

  3. I love these "life styles" pictures -- they really capture the day-to-day elements of your adventure! The emplanadas look great! Not sure about what seemed like an ear of corn in the soup! Love you guys and am SO proud of you!

  4. Hope you're learning how to cook the soup so that you can serve it at book club once you are home again!