Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pico y Placa

Sorry, I hit the wrong button. This is the street next to our aparment. This is Saturday, so the traffic doesn't look so bad. On week days, it's very bad. So bad that they have a system in place here, very controversial, called "Pico y Placa". Under this system, if the last number on your license plate (the placa) is, say 5, you can't drive your car on the street on Mondays. In other word the last numbers on your license plate determine which days of the week you can drive your car on the street. I believe you can drive three days and are prohibited the other two days. There have been demonstrations against this. You can see the yellow cab. There are thousands of these and they are our main transportation. The drivers seem like they are going to crash at any moment, but they don't. Pedestrians have to be very alert as the cars go very fast and don't seem to worry too much about pedestrians.


  1. The driving would sure stress me out, it sounds worse than New York City driving and that made me crazy stressed!!! Be careful when you cross the street!! Love you!! Kristy

  2. Can you imagine starting that system of driving here on I-495 or I-66? I guess it would thin things out. I remember buying gas on even or odd days, depending on my license plate number.